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Church Campaign Services

Church Campaign Services provides a wide array of services to empower congregations, governing bodies, Camps and Conference Centers, and church related agencies to secure financial commitments from and deepen the stewardship awareness of their faith communities. This in turn enhances the organization's ability to better serve through mission and ministry.

CCS empowers congregations to raise funds for new buildings, renovation, major maintenance, property purchase, debt reduction and mission. The work of CCS includes helping sessions and committees bring a message of grace, abundance and joyful giving to members. CCS also works with congregations to develop strategies for enhancing annual operating programs by increasing member's stewardship understanding.

CCS works with agency committees and staffs to develop funding strategies for a wide assortment of mission needs such as new church developments, camp and conference center development and local and national mission funding needs. These services range from assessment and strategy development to campaign support and implementation.

Professional CCS consultants provide valuable insights and experience that have produced successful fund-raising programs for churches large and small. CCS understands the dynamics within each congregation and that you cannot be fully successful unless your consultant knows and understands these dynamics. We know that each region of the country, each demographic, each stage of development organizationally, and every different theological principle will need to be considered in the planning a implementation of each uniquely designed campaign for its members, each and every one, to maximize their giving potential in support of their ministry. This is our goal with each and every church, each and every member, in each every pew.

Organizationally, we’ve spent sixty years studying what it takes to be successful. Individually, we’ve spent decades proving it can be done. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation via the web, phone, or possibly in person.

CCS-guided campaigns emphasize proven principles of stewardship that result in goals being met and increased financial commitments being obtained. Contact us for a consultation regarding your specific funding needs.

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, NY
Photo by Robert Kukla