Church Interrupted: Reviving Your Congregation’s Capital Vision for the Future

Church Interrupted: Reviving Your Congregation’s Capital Vision for the Future

“Ready to Restart Your Congregation’s Capital Vision?

Rev. Terry Epling
Lead Campaign Strategist

Remember 2019?


It was a time when we made big plans. We looked forward to 2020 with high hopes and created new missions and visions. We had dreams and goals for the year ahead. The year “2020” seemed like the ideal metaphor – perfect vision and clarity. Little did we know what was coming.

Just before Easter, everything changed. The world faced an unexpected pandemic, and all our plans got tossed aside. At first, we thought it would be a short pause, a temporary break. But days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. And we found ourselves in unknown territory. Our clear path to renewed vision became blurry with uncertainty.

Now, in the fall of 2023, a lot has changed. Worship attendance is not what it used to be, but it’s steadier and maybe even better recently. We don’t pass the offering plate like before, but we’ve found new ways to give. Our way of doing the Lord’s Supper is different too. We’ve learned to use technology in ways we never thought possible. Through it all, our faith community has shown how strong and resilient it can be.

Plans Postponed

But those plans for capital improvements that we postponed are still waiting for us. It could be a roof that needs fixing, a chancel that needs a makeover, or a boiler that needs replacing. These projects can’t wait forever.

If you’ve been putting off dealing with your church’s needs, maybe it’s time to start fresh. A Feasibility Study could be the key to getting your plans back on track. This study can help you clarify your church’s needs, evaluate if you can raise the money, and make a strong case for support. With a good plan, you can start a campaign to make your vision a reality.

Adjusting Your Plans for the New Normal

Even though we’ve learned to cope with the pandemic’s challenges and changes, our postponed plans are still on the list. So, how should we approach these projects in this new world?

Consider how your congregation has changed. Worship attendance may not be back to normal, and that might affect your project timeline. The money situation may have changed too. It would help if you had new ways to fund your ministry.

The pandemic has also changed how we connect with our members. We use technology and the internet more now. These tools can help you talk to more people about your project and share your story better.

Seeing the Way Forward with Feasibility Studies

A Feasibility Study can be a guiding light in this changing time. Matching your vision with the congregation’s sense of God’s calling is essential. Here’s how a study can help:

Understanding What’s Needed: The study will help you define what your project involves and how much it will cost. You can also figure out which aspects are most important to your members.

Knowing What’s Possible: You’ll learn if your congregation can afford the project and if people are willing to support it. With this knowledge, you will set realistic expectations and achievable goals.

Making a Good Case: With information from the study, you can establish a strong rationale for members to support your project. When people see you’ve thought it through, they’re more likely to participate.

Getting Ready for Your Church’s Future

If a big project is in your church’s future, now is the time to start planning. Your church’s future depends on it, and it’s about more than just making things look better. It’s about bringing your congregation together and growing your faith.

By starting a Feasibility Study and rethinking your project in today’s world, you’re not just getting the money you need. You’re also building a sense of togetherness and purpose in your congregation. Capital projects make your church stronger and show your commitment to the future.

How We Can Help: Partnering for Success

At Church Campaign Services, we know churches face unique challenges now. We’re here to help you make your church’s vision come true.

We offer:

Feasibility Studies: We can assist you in understanding what is possible and what steps are necessary for your project.

Campaign Planning and Implementation: We’ll work with you to make a plan that your members will support and guide you through every step of a successful campaign.

Communication Strategies: In today’s world, how you talk to your congregation matters. We can help you use compelling storytelling and technology to reach more people.

Fundraising Training: We will teach your leaders and volunteers what they need to know to make your campaign successful.

Ongoing Support: We’ll be with you even after you complete your campaign to ensure your church stays strong.

A Fresh Start Awaits

Even though we endured a hard time with the pandemic, churches showed they can be strong and adapt. As we think about our postponed capital projects, there’s a chance for a new beginning. It’s a time to dream about your church’s future and bring new life back to your community.

Don’t keep your church projects on hold any longer. We’re here to help, and together, we’ll find the way to a better, more prosperous future for your church. Your church’s vision is within reach, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

What You Can Do Now

Let’s start this journey together and make your church’s vision a reality while growing your faith, community, and future.

Stay inspired,

Rev. Terry Epling
Lead Campaign Strategist
Church Campaign Services

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