Stewardship Kaleidoscope 2020

Register Now for Stewardship Kaleidoscope 2020 We are happy to sponsor the Stewardship Kaleidoscope Conference.  Due to the travel restrictions and impacts of Covid-19 the 2020 conference will now be a virtual event. The Registration Fee is $45 and will provide access to three weekly online lectures, live question and answer period with the presenter each week, as well as … Read More

Capital Campaigns vs. Annual Campaigns

Annual Campaigns vs. Capital Campaigns

How will a capital campaign affect your annual budget? What good will capital improvements be if you can’t keep the doors open and the lights on? Church leaders hesitate to run a capital campaign at the same time as the annual pledge drive. They wonder whether a capital campaign will hurt annual revenue. With the right process and good counsel, … Read More

Winning the Superbowl of Stewardship

Winning the Stewarship Superbowl

Tips from an NFL champion’s playbook to help inspire generosity in your congregation. Sunday the Los Angeles Rams face the New England Patriots in the 53rd Super Bowl. The road to the Superbowl for the Patriots included a “game for the ages” match against rival Kansas City Chiefs. After their victory, Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick offered some comments regarding the … Read More

Accessibility becoming a key concern

For churches built before the 1960s, accessibility was not a top concern. We have seen some church facilities that have six or more elevations, with no accessible way to move from one to the other. Often, the only way to address the issue is through a capital campaign.

Rockford church hosts "Burn the Mortgage" service

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, an ELCA congregation in Rockford, IL, recently paid off their mortgage. This represents the first time in 75 years that the church has been debt-free. A two-year fundraising program (capital campaign?) raised $273,000 and helped put the congregation over the top regarding its mortgage. The original story is here. According to the Annual Report for 2017, … Read More

A Campaign Website: Bringing the Campaign Online

How to create an effective, affordable capital campaign website by Jason Smith, Founder of GivingTools Capital campaigns are all about people: welcoming their ideas and building a shared vision, and then asking the right people at the right time for the right gift to make that vision come to life. When it comes to gathering pledges, the campaign brochure and … Read More

Money Talk in the Church – Breaking the Taboo

“Money is tight. We’ll have to cut our budget again this year. People just aren’t giving like they did in the past.” “Half of our families don’t give anything to the church. How can we turn that around?” “I’m just uncomfortable going to church; they’re always asking for donations.” Money is a problem even in the strongest church. We could … Read More

The Math behind the Cost of Donating

Back to the article – Tax and the Church: Will the New Tax Law Affect Stewardship? For 2017, the highest marginal tax is 39.6 percent. Any money that a family makes over $470,700 (married filing jointly) will be taxed at that rate. A $1,000 charitable donation will reduce their taxable income, providing a $396 dollar tax reduction. At the new top … Read More

Tax and the Church: Will the New Tax Law Affect Stewardship?

The changes to the tax code enacted by Congress in 2017 may have a negative impact on charitable organizations, especially churches. But not all will experience a downturn.   Opportunities abound to deepen our faith in God, to improve the means by which we support our ministry financially, and to help our congregations experience more cheerful giving. How Does the … Read More

That’s a Wrap: 6 Carols for Year-End Stewardship

Snowflakes in the air, carols everywhere, Olden times and ancient rhymes of love and dreams to share   Yes, Christmastime is here, and just a few days more to write the Christmas sermon! Here are five Christmas Carols to keep you mindful of generosity and stewardship during this hectic season. Use these familiar words to “repeat the sounding joy” of … Read More