Are All Church Members Created Equal?

Posted on April 2, 2013 When it comes to developing a successful capital campaign, the answer is “No.” Think of your church congregation like a pyramid. The bottom level of the pyramid is made up of the largest percentage of your members who will provide you with the majority of your smaller level donations, or about 10% of your overall campaign … Read More

The Power of a Clear Vision and Mission

Posted on March 21, 2013 I saw a message recently in St. Petersburg, FL on a Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institutebillboard. “Our Vision is the Cure. Our Mission is the Care.” When I consult with churches about creating a successful capital campaign, I talk about the importance of having a clear and compelling vision. This vision should also be part of … Read More

Two Phases of a Major Funds Campaign

Posted on March 19, 2013 “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required” Luke 12:48 First of all, let me address the evolution of the category I intend to describe. Twenty years ago, it was common to have two phases of a major funds campaign in the church. The first phase was most commonly called Major Gifts. … Read More

3 Keys to Successful Leadership

Posted on March 12, 2013 You’ve probably heard the saying that in real estate it’s all about location, location, location. So what are the three keys to leadership in a church? 1. Process 2. Process 3. And yes, Process I have spent 35 years in a challenging business environment and have a solid background using business techniques to achieve results in … Read More

Be Inclusive – But not the Kitchen Sink

03.05.13 A proper Case for Support should be mission and vision driven. The Case will therefore follow a central theme, and the projects proposed should follow that theme. The research should be extensive, and the plan may have many proposed projects. Where do you cut it off? I’m reminded of a mid-sized church I worked with in New York. When … Read More

Raising the Bar on Service

02.27.13 Church Campaign Services (CCS) knows that to serve our churches best, we must keep up-to-date on the use of technology in general, and social media specifically. At our latest staff gathering, we enjoyed a Skypepresentation by Dianna Ott, an independent Communications Consultant, on the practical uses of social media, Facebook in particular, in capital campaigns. We also reviewed the presentation “Growing Generous Givers for … Read More

Why Does ROI Matter in a Capital Campaign?

You may think that your church doesn’t need to worry about ROI – or return on investment – when you start planning a capital campaign. Yet, in the business world, ROI is an integral part of every decision. Would a bakery owner decide to sell cupcakes if she knows that her customers won’t buy them? Will a farmer plant wheat … Read More

Writing a Case for Support

02.14.13 An effective Case for Support, or rationale for giving, creates an image for your capital campaign and for the church overall. Raising funds is about emotions every bit as much as it is about logic. That’s why it’s important that your campaign be presented in the best possible light. The Case for Support should be compelling and persuasive. It … Read More

The Importance of Visionary Leaders

02.05.13 I have worked with hundreds of churches over the last fifteen years. I can assure you that “vision” can be seen and felt in a community, when that community shares a common vision for their future. A leader or community with vision sends vibes which electrify everything they do. So what are the three ingredients in this sought after … Read More

Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

01.29.13 As your church prepares to conduct a capital campaign, you need to be sure you’re asking the right questions. Simply answer the 8 quick questions in the Are You Ready? questionnaire to determine if your church is ready to move forward. If you answered “Yes” to all 8 questions, then your church is ready to proceed. If you answered “No” to … Read More