The Major Pitfalls of Planning a Capital Campaign

01.14.13 Have you been planning and planning your church’s capital campaign, but it doesn’t seem like the project is moving forward? Or, have you begun your campaign, and it’s not running as smoothly as you expected? At CCS we hear these concerns from church leaders quite often. You’re stuck in the dreaded pitfalls of capital campaign planning. One consistent theme … Read More

5 Ways CCS is Serving You Better

12.13.12 Exciting things are happening at Church Campaign Services right now. As you may know, Church Campaign Services (formerly Church Financial Campaign Services) has been making some major changes over the past six months. We have developed many new programs and new solutions to even better serve your major fund campaign needs. Here are 5 ways we can help you … Read More

How to Communicate Your Capital Campaign Plan

Posted on January 13, 2015 To create a tangible and actionable capital campaign plan, you need to get people’s attention. Your communications must be lively and fun, as well as thoughtful. Once you have their attention, you can communicate the congregational needs, the impact of a successful program, and the financial goals. You must deliver content, giving people all the information … Read More

How Do You Show Pastoral Leadership in Stewardship?

Posted on February 11, 2015 Originally posted by Andrew Kukla in his blog, “Wrestling with Discipleship.” Today I would like to address you not as a pastor but as a father. To do that properly, I first want to address you as a son. People ask me if I became a minister because my parents were ministers. Yes. Though not as … Read More