Stewardship Seeds, November 16, 2017

StewardNet  Significant numbers of people are profoundly hurting, people are spending money to find ideas to make life better, and larger percentages look at organized religion and conclude it doesn’t have anything to offer, or isn’t worth the effort. How can that be? When Enough Isn’t Enough Giving to others is a blessing to the giver. It pays back massive … Read More

Teach Your Children (Stewardship) Well

How many of you had this experience as a child? Sitting in church with your family, the offering time arrives, the ushers come forward, the music begins, and you proudly place your offering in the plate as it goes by. My earliest memories of giving occurred in church. My parents made sure I had something to put in the offering … Read More

Planned Gifts: A Phone Call Worth $250,000

The first time the trust department of the local bank called me, I was totally unprepared.   According to the bank, the church would be receiving a bequest worth nearly $250,000. This planned gift was nearly double the entire annual budget of the church! We immediately agreed to meet in person to discuss the expected gift, and I learned of its … Read More

Show your Impact, Demonstrate your Footprint

The impact of your church’s ministries can inspire generosity, but only if you help people see the lives that are changed. Kevin Lee of Vanco Payments recently encouraged churches to communicate the impact of their ministries: Use the 80/20 Rule to Be a More Effective Church Steward Kevin promotes online giving for churches. First of all, as the CEO of a … Read More

The Pledge Campaign is not about Money

The goal of the Annual Pledge Campaign is to grow generous givers. The Finance Committee of your church may disagree. But the Annual Pledge Campaign is not about money, and it’s not about the budget. Our mission proceeds from the Great Commission – to go out into the world, baptizing and teaching in the name of Christ – and from … Read More

Arlington Presbyterian Church creates ‘sacred public space’

The ongoing story of Arlington Presbyterian Church. To summarize so far, APC revisioned its property as a community resource for affordable housing. They sold the property to a developer, with plans to build apartments. The church will lease space for itself in the building once its finished. In the meantime, they’ve used some of the money from the sale to … Read More

Being a “Pollyanna” really isn’t such a bad thing

Four ways to cultivate gratitude, and therefore generosity, into your own life. Say thank you. Connect with compassion: Wish strangers well.” Let go of being right. Experience grace. Being a “Pollyanna” really isn’t such a bad thing…especially if it leads you to be a more genuinely grateful and generous person. Source: Inspiring Generosity

Use the 80/20 Rule to Be a More Effective Church Steward

Fundraising guru Jerold Panas believes (based on solid evidence) that “a mission that changes lives” is the number one reason people give generously to their beloved causes. While this article is geared toward electronic giving, the central section, Making Communications Personal, provides a fantastic primer on church communications. Read the bullet points, feel the impact of those numbers, and translate … Read More

The Challenge of Abundance

I was totally unprepared when I received a call from the trust department of the local bank. I had been the pastor of the tiny little congregation for just three months when I was informed that the church would be receiving a bequest gift with a value of nearly $250,000. That was nearly triple our annual budget! An unexpected gift … Read More

Updating the Congregation on the Progress of Capital Projects

Just because the active phase of your capital campaign is over doesn’t mean there’s still not work to do. Of course, there are construction projects to manage, new programs and building uses to develop, and the ongoing day-to-day tasks for ministry. But you must also demonstrate the impact that capital gifts are making. This “report-back” function of the campaign should … Read More