Creating a Culture of Generosity, Salem Presbytery

Salem Presbytery, 2020/2021


Please review the details of this program before committing your congregation.

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How Do We Build a Culture of Generosity in our Church?

There is no cookie-cutter approach to designing a stewardship plan – every church is unique. Creating a Culture of Generosity is an 18-month learning community for the congregations of Salem Presbytery. Four workshops will address topics directly related to raising money for ministry, as well as go deeper on the interrelated dynamics of faith, spirituality, and giving.

Congregational teams will craft short- and long-term action plans to implement between workshops. An investment in stewardship today will reap rewards many times over in the years to come. Led by Rev. Michael Erwin, director of Church Campaign Services, and sponsored by the Church Growth & Transformation Committee of Salem Presbytery.

Inspire Generosity and Stewardship in your congregation:

  • SHATTER THE TABOO OF MONEY-TALK and improve the capacity to have faith-filled conversations about money.
  • ENGAGE GIVERS AS PARTNERS IN MISSION rather than donors to ministry.
  • INVITE DEEPER GENEROSITY from your membership and inspire growth in cheerful, excited giving.
  • EXPLORE how a deepening spirituality TRANSFORMS GIVING.

Cost for the program is $250 per year, per team/congregation for a total of $500 over two years. Please commit to for ALL FOUR dates in 2020/2021. Generosity Teams consist of Lead Pastor and three to six church leaders.

Workshop Dates:

  • May 2, 2020
  • Sept 12, 2020
  • May 8, 2021
  • Sept 11, 2021

Location: TBD

Coffee, water, snacks, & a.m. pastries will be available. Lunch will be provided for you to purchase.