Partnering with churches and church agencies, we achieve unparalleled results faster than leaders believe possible, with a sustainable approach to stewardship that lasts far beyond the campaign. Raising funds for new buildings, renovation, major maintenance, property purchase, debt reduction, Christian ministries and mission, CCS brings a message of grace, abundance and joyful giving to members.


Our work is for everyone – churches of all sizes, regional church bodies, camps, faith-based agencies.

We meet you where you are today and take you on a journey of spiritual growth through generosity. Sensitive to the culture of money and giving in each congregation, we design a strategy for campaign success, a journey more about faith than money.

Our core values drive everything we do and distinguish us from other fundraising consultants.


We believe in a theology that says there is not just enough of every resource, but there is more than enough. We don’t talk use fear, scarcity, and sacrificial giving – short-term wins that leave lasting damage. Instead, we help you embrace the rewards and joy of grace-filled generosity, ultimately seeking transformational giving of members. We are blessed to be a blessing!


At its heart, good fundraising is invitational and incarnational, which sounds a lot like Jesus. We give every member in the pew the opportunity to grow their generous hearts, and experience the joy and rewards of accomplishment and satisfaction that come from building a more vital ministry.


Generosity is a muscle that needs to be stretched in order to grow. Goal setting is challenging. Our calling is to seek continually the best interests of every member, challenging them to grow in faith. While we occasionally set modest goals to assure success and create a building block for the future, we most often challenge our clients to respond beyond their own expectations and to grow in faith and commitment.


We bring tried and true “best practices” to bear on your campaign. We teach these practices to you. Long after we’re gone, and the campaign is complete, you will still be growing in stewardship and generosity. We are facilitative campaign leaders, teaching and practicing solid stewardship principles, working in cooperation with you to further the ministry of your congregation. We want to pass on ownership of the collective goals of the congregation to each and every member.



CCS has been conducting financial campaigns for churches since 1950.

Theological Basis

CCS campaigns are more than fundraising because they are biblically grounds and theologically based, emphasizing principles of stewardship that lead to increased generosity long after the campaign is over.

Practical, Detailed Plans

CCS provides campaign leaders detailed plans and resources and ensures the best use of volunteers' time.


CCS works to understand your unique culture and situation and develops a program to meet your needs.

Skilled Campaign Consultants

CCS consultants bring both expertise in fundraising and also a commitment to broad experience in many facets of church life.

Cost Effectiveness

CCS is a wise investment in raising funds and developing long term growth in giving for your church or agency.