Stewardship Seeds, November 16, 2017


Significant numbers of people are profoundly hurting, people are spending money to find ideas to make life better, and larger percentages look at organized religion and conclude it doesn’t have anything to offer, or isn’t worth the effort. How can that be?

When Enough Isn’t Enough

Giving to others is a blessing to the giver. It pays back massive dividends. While we may already know that on some level, talking about the impact of giving can inspire members to see that their role is far bigger than the dollars they donate.

3 Secrets to Acquiring Nonprofit Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts can make a huge difference in the long-term health of your nonprofit. Don’t ignore them because they seem too complicated, or because you think they’re only for rich donors. They’re for anyone who shares the values your organization enacts, and who wants to see them continue into the future.

Generosity in the Face of Grief, Revisited

Being light and being willing to sing that new song even in the midst of grief may be the most generous thing our collective spirits can do right now. We are called to sing that song of hope and be that light no matter how long (how very long) it takes. Even when, and especially if, it seems like darkness is winning.

Eating Our Values

Food is a reliable way to challenge ourselves to live our values — putting our money where our mouths are — several times a day.