Stewardship & Generosity

Where Does the Money Come From?

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Uncovering the Potential in Faith-Based Funding Strategies  Church leaders may not understand the variety of funding sources available to the church, or how those sources can hurt or hinder faith development through financial stewardship and generosity. Here is a list of the various ways churches can fund their ministry. After all, if our objective is … Continue Reading

Capital Campaign Planning

Feasibility Studies Save You Headaches and Avert Failure

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“There was no feasibility study to make sure people were in favor of the project and willing to give.” Glenn and Barbara Holliman have an excellent little book about capital funding in churches. With Generous Hearts is well worth your time to read before considering a campaign. I was struck by their introduction. There, they … Continue Reading

Capital Campaign Planning

From Drafty to Divine: The Power of Capital Campaigns in Transforming Church Facilities

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There is nothing glamorous or exciting about building improvements like roof repair or window replacement. That was the reality that a recent client faced. Built in the late 1950s, their building had become worn and dated. Each proposed improvement seemed minor and cosmetic. All together, though, the updates added up to a substantial sum. As … Continue Reading

Stewardship & Generosity

Automating the Image of God

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The image of God within us inspires us to be generous. “I want to give while I’m living, so I can see the good being done,” a retired schoolteacher once said. An active leader in her church, she had finalized plans for a large financial gift. I was an inexperienced pastor who learned a new … Continue Reading

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Annual Giving Statements Share Your Values

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Everything you send to your church members communicates the core values of your church. That includes your Annual Giving Statements. Whenever you send your statements, share your values with a few simple tweaks. You can touch your donors’ hearts and encourage deeper generosity by following these two simple guidelines. Cover Letter Include a cover letter … Continue Reading