Accessibility becoming a key concern

For churches built before the 1960s, accessibility was not a top concern. We have seen some church facilities that have six or more elevations, with no accessible way to move from one to the other. Often, the only way to address the issue is through a capital campaign.

Tax and the Church: Will the New Tax Law Affect Stewardship?

The changes to the tax code enacted by Congress in 2017 may have a negative impact on charitable organizations, especially churches. But not all will experience a downturn.   Opportunities abound to deepen our faith in God, to improve the means by which we support our ministry financially, and to help our congregations experience more cheerful giving. How Does the … Read More

Does Your Church Facility Represent Your Vision and Values?

There is nothing glamorous or exciting about building improvements like roof repair or window replacement. That was the reality that a recent client faced. Built in the late 1950s, their building had become worn and dated. Each proposed improvement seemed minor and cosmetic. All together, though, the updates added up to a substantial sum. As you know, a successful capital … Read More

Automating the Image of God

The image of God within us inspires us to be generous. “I want to give while I’m living, so I can see the good being done,” a retired schoolteacher once said. An active leader in her church, she had finalized plans for a large financial gift. I was an inexperienced pastor who learned a new lesson about generosity that day. … Read More

How Do You Show Pastoral Leadership in Stewardship?

Posted on February 11, 2015 Originally posted by Andrew Kukla in his blog, “Wrestling with Discipleship.” Today I would like to address you not as a pastor but as a father. To do that properly, I first want to address you as a son. People ask me if I became a minister because my parents were ministers. Yes. Though not as … Read More

Why Millennials Spend and Donate Differently Than Any Generation

I recently read an article in theHuffington Post called, “Why Millennials Don’t Put Money In The Church Offering Plate.” The article was written by Henry G. Brinton,Senior Pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church. At Church Campaign Services, we have written about the importance of “Speaking the Language of Millennials.” Millennials spend and donate their money differently than any other generation so far. … Read More

Show Your Thanks – And Recognize Generosity in Others

Posted on January 27, 2015 Do you look your waiter in the eye and thank him or her for good service? Do you show your appreciation to a store clerk for their help? Are you thanking your church members for all that they do? It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We assume that … Read More

What Are Your Most Important Habits?

Posted on January 20, 2015 I recently read an article in The Presbyterian Outlook called, “Three Habits of Highly Effective Pastors,” by Becca Messman. Becca is the associate pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Herndon, Virginia. I was most moved by Becca’s comment that “ministry is about making a meaningful difference in the lives of people and being faithful to the God we … Read More

How to Communicate Your Capital Campaign Plan

To create a tangible and actionable capital campaign plan, you need to get people’s attention. Your communications must be lively and fun, as well as thoughtful. Once you have their attention, you can communicate the congregational needs, the impact of a successful program, and the financial goals. You must deliver content, giving people all the information they need. You want … Read More

How Much Money Can Your Campaign Raise?

There are many factors that will contribute to the success of your church’s capital campaign. You can change or positively address some of the factors while others are out of your control. Following are 6 primary factors that have the greatest impact on how much money you can raise and how successful your campaign will be: 1. Urgency How immediate … Read More